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The 300-person auditorium will be the core of the simulation hospital. Here you will find healthcare professionals, students, faculty, and our government and industry partners participating in conferences, seminars, courses, disaster preparedness simulations and mass casualty scenarios designed to expand knowledge and empower nurses, caregivers, and the community with knowledge to be ready to respond to major catastrophic events. It will include such features as interactive whiteboards, electronic medical records, and video teleconferencing.
Simulated emergency conditions in a controlled environment are what the student will experience in any of the operating rooms. Four fully-functioning Operating Rooms will provide opportunities for advanced students to practice life-threatening, high-risk, low-frequency events that are infrequently available to them in the clinical practice sites. Both undergraduate and graduate students will participate in scenarios stressing interdisciplinary teamwork and effective communication, which are crucial to positive patient outcomes.

Everywhere you look you feel as if you are in a real hospital. Learners will encounter “patients” with a wide array of medical and surgical conditions. They will care for these “patients” in realistic environments, using real equipment. Students and professionals from a range of healthcare disciplines seeking to advance their skills will be able to hone interdisciplinary teamwork, time-management and delegation skills through simulation.

Three practice labs – wet, dry and bedside – will allow students to master basic and fundamental and advanced techniques and procedures such as physical assessment, line placement, airway management, and therapeutic communication, building core skills and gaining self-confidence in realistic and safe environments.

SONHS Simulation Hospital Construction Project Highlighted in "School Construction News"

Topping out of the University of Miami School of Nursing & Health Studies' Simulation Hospital is featured in School Constructions News, a news magazine devoted specifically to educational facility construction and operations.

The article was posted on January 3rd, 2017 on the SchoolConstructionNews website (