Fourth Floor


Everywhere you look in the home care simulation area, it will feel as if you are in a real apartment. The apartment will serve as a backdrop for community/ home health simulation encounters and also hospice/end-of-life care scenarios. As healthcare moves from hospitals to patients’ homes, and given the reality of a rapidly increasing U.S. elderly population, continuity of care and end-of-life care has become of utmost importance. Health care professionals need to learn to care for patients outside the hospital setting. The apartment/hospice care unit will address that need. Nursing and other allied health professions students will experience realistic home care-based simulations that will provide not only hands-on learning of end-of-life technical care provision, but will also emphasize the therapeutic communication skills needed to support these patients and their caretakers.  The hospice unit will allow students to experience the dying process in a safe learning environment and practice delivering the compassionate care needed to support patients and family members during this emotional time.



Students will encounter “patients” with a wide range of medical and surgical conditions in the Critical Care area, consisting of the Medical-Surgical Unit, the Telemetry Unit, and the Intensive Care Unit. In these units designed with the capability for personnel to rearrange and expand the spaces to increase the number of beds as needed, learners will care for their critically ill simulated patients in realistic environments, using highly sophisticated and real-world ICU equipment. Through simulation, the students will be able to hone the technical, teamwork, time-management and delegation skills needed to care for the most critically ill patients in the hospital.