Active Shooter Incident

With the increased occurrence of mass casualty incidents, the role of nurse-as-first-responder is being reimagined. Under frontline conditions, effective triage means navigating a chaotic, high-pressure, and possibly dangerous environment—all while keeping patients safe. Simulation scenarios conducted for nursing and MD/MPH students have included multiple explosions and an active shooters at Marlins Park who followed the victims into the hospital. Participants became first responders. They confronted the physical, mental, and emotional truths that emerge from the unfathomable, facing the ethical dilemma of not treating patients who were coded “black” when triaged, meaning they were not expected to survive and would have utilized resources that could be used to treat injured victims with a chance of survival. With an “active shooter” in the hospital, learners also grappled with the dilemma of whether to emerge from rooms in which they were hiding to treat victims or remain hidden, not knowing who or where the shooter was.