All Floors

Pre- / De-briefing Rooms

An essential component of the simulation experience is the prebriefing and debriefing sessions. The rooms’ design and multimedia features allow students to review and reflect on their actions and identify areas for improvement focusing on evidence-based practice. The simulation and debriefing experiences allow students to connect the dots and put theory into practice in a safe learning environment.


Control Rooms

The control rooms and command center are at the heart of both individual patient care and multi-casualty simulation experiences. Here, the instructors, simulation specialists and technicians craft dynamic, interactive, real-life scenarios through the creative use of cutting-edge technology, including a hospital incident command center. Using sophisticated audiovisual equipment and a video-capturing system, scenarios can be recorded and shared during debriefing. Access to recorded information on their performance during the simulation encounter allows learners to reflect on their performance and identify strengths and areas for improvement in a safe learning environment.


Hospital-wide Resources

Threaded throughout all the floors and spaces of the Simulation Hospital are telemedicine capabilities and video teleconferencing capabilities, electronic medical records as well as inter-professional education and training capabilities.