Third Floor

Women and Children's Wing

Labor and Delivery Suite

Labor and Delivery

In the labor and delivery suites, students experience the complete birthing process. They may be called upon to act as labor coaches, assist with delivery, or provide postnatal care to the mother and newborn. The suite is also utilized by nurse anesthetist students for epidural placement and labor management or C-section delivery.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (NICU/PICU)

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (NICU/PICU) and newborn nursery is equipped with age-appropriate patient care simulators and equipment. Although premature birth affects one in ten babies born in the United States, given the fragility and high risk associated with these tiny patients, nursing students are rarely allowed to care for premature infants during their clinical practice experiences. The Simulation Hospital’s NICU/PICU provides our students with these learning experiences inaccessible to them in the clinical practice setting.  The scenarios reflect the rapid deterioration of critically ill infants and children, which require health-care providers to think quickly and critically, and to communicate effectively with each other while providing safe patient care.  Similar to other areas of the hospital, these scenarios mimic real-life and will require the participants to think critically while providing safe, quality care.

Surgical Services Wing

Operating Room Suite

Simulated emergency conditions in a controlled environment are what the student will experience in any of the operating rooms. Four fully-outfitted Operating Rooms provide opportunities for advanced students to practice life-threatening, high-risk, low-frequency events that are infrequently available to them in the clinical practice sites. Both undergraduate and graduate students participate in scenarios stressing teamwork and effective communications which are crucial to positive patient outcomes. The suite also features a full featured endovascular simulator for replicating and training in interventional radiology procedures.