The Vision

Simulation Hospital Exterior Sideview Simulation Hospital Exterior Sideview

In 2010 the landmark Future of Nursing IOM report called for a revolution in the nursing profession to address the need for a larger and better-trained healthcare workforce. This watershed document also addressed the need for health professions educators to instill in all students the tools for interdisciplinary collaboration via combined clinical training opportunities, with the patient at the center of this cooperative effort.  Meanwhile, our  and patients’ and communities’ health and safety are continuously threatened by the effects of climate change, the war on terrorism, globalization, antibiotic resistance and other 21st century phenomena. The Simulation Hospital represents our school’s response to these serious public health challenges.

Simulation-based education increases practitioner competence, and skills gained in the simulation environment lead to better patient care, with knowledge and skills retained over the long term. Our learners give rave reviews to their simulation training as a teaching mechanism that allows them to learn and build confidence without putting live patients at risk, to connect didactic learning to real-life situations, and to practice their professional communication skills with each other.

Simulation not only helps participants develop individual skills, but also teaches them to function effectively in interdisciplinary teams. The use of simulation shows promise as a technique to improve patient care and outcomes, train inter-professional healthcare teams, and prepare communities to confront large-scale public health threats.

The Simulation Hospital serves as a resource for the school, for the University of Miami as a whole, and for the national and international healthcare communities. It is a state-of-the art space from which to conduct interdisciplinary continuing education and collaboration activities.  Students, faculty, researchers, health care professionals, disaster preparedness experts and technological partners will convene at the Simulation Hospital to improve patient care as well as train for, evaluate, and refine protocols for catastrophic event scenarios.  The “best practice” models developed at the Simulation Hospital will be made available for replication throughout the world.

The Simulation Hospital will play a vital role as a beta testing site for new health care products and equipment.  Capitalizing on the synergistic resource created by this facility, University of Miami interdisciplinary research teams will collaborate with industry and governmental agency partners to introduce the most advanced health care technology and to affect policy on community safety procedures and quality patient care.